Kevin Guedj “has already consummated his divorce” with Carla Moreau: a relative swings on his conquests

On October 27, Carla Moreau finally formalized her separation from her husband Kevin Guedj after weeks of rumors about it. “I think it’s time to tell you my breakup with Kevin. I’m not telling you that I’ve been living through very complicated days lately, this situation is difficult to live with, but it is nevertheless inevitable.e,” she announced. The news comes just nine months after their magical wedding and three years after the birth of their daughter Ruby.

We would therefore imagine the now exes at their worst and yet, it would seem that Kevin Guedj has already recovered! A surfer even claimed that he was in a relationship with another. “Kevin is at Paga’s Halloween party with his new wife whom he has been dating for a year. He hides, he does not assume“, he swung on Twitter. What Kevin Guedj reacted with humor: “Introduce her to me!!!! I hear about her every day!! Who is it ? 1 year is a long time too!“.

If he therefore denied having found love again, Kevin Guedj would not have remained wise for long. Indeed, according to the recent remarks of his friend Paga, the famous Marseilles would take full advantage of his regained celibacy. Giuseppa’s companion with whom he is expecting his first child was questioned on the subject by Guillaume Genton in The Morning without filter on Virgin radio this Thursday, November 3. “They are really separated. He didn’t get along with Carla anymore, unfortunately.“, he said, confident that there was no no history of infidelity involved. Because for several weeks, the reality TV candidate Belle ensures for her part that she had an affair with Kevin during the filming of The Battle of the Couples last June, while he was still in a relationship with Carla Moreau.

On the other hand, Ruby’s dad would indeed be “move on“.”He released the horses“, even indicated Paga. “Has he already consummated his divorce?“, asked him to specify Diane Leyre. “I think so…“, then replied Paga, somewhat embarrassed to have to “swing” on his good friend. He nevertheless recalled that a sacred reputation preceded him: “But knowing Kevin, he is separated and single, you can imagine… We call him the Jaguar… You can imagine that he continued and that, here, he resumed his role a little bit“.

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