Kevin Spacey: Actor wants to help founders in the corona crisis

Kevin Spacey (60) is back. The US actor is supposed to advise founders on how to get through a crisis: The Munich startup conference Bits & Pretzels has now announced that the 60-year-old should speak at a virtual start-up breakfast this Sunday (March 29).

On this occasion, Spacey wanted to talk about artists as entrepreneurs. It is about the resilience an artist has to show when faced with unforeseen situations and how dealing with such uncertainties is comparable to the situation an entrepreneur finds himself in when the circumstances change suddenly and drastically , it says in advance.

Comeback at Bits & Pretzels

Spacey had previously been associated with Bits & Pretzels. In 2016, the "House of Cards" star was a speaker at the conference. A year later he was again part of the game, but shortly afterwards a partnership with the actor was put on hold for the time being. The Oscar winner has faced allegations of harassment since the end of 2017.

Bitsy Pretzels has announced that Spacey has had a difficult time in the past two years. When asked if he could imagine coming back to talk about how to get through the current challenging situation, he replied that he was more than happy, part of the first "Bits & Pretzels Virtual Founders Breakfast "to be.