Kevin Spacey: He’s fined $ 30 million

Kevin Spacey
He has to pay a $ 30 million fine

Kevin Spacey as Frank Underwood’s House of Cards villain.

© Netflix

Kevin Spacey has to pay more than 30 million dollars to the production company of the Netflix series “House of Cards” for breach of contract.

A judge at the arbitration tribunal apparently sentenced the killed Hollywood star Kevin Spacey (62) to a fine of around 31 million US dollars. According to an article on the US site “Variety” the court of jurisdiction found Spacey violating the sexual harassment guidelines of MRC, the company that produced House of Cards. The lead actor in the Netflix political series broke his contract, according to the lawyers of the production company.

Spacey and two of his production companies, M. Profitt Productions and Trigger Street Productions, will have to shell out $ 29.5 million in damages, $ 1.2 million in legal fees and $ 235,000 in other costs, according to the report.

Prominent face of the MeToo scandal

Alongside Harvey Weinstein (69) and Bill Cosby (84), Spacey is one of the most prominent faces of the MeToo scandal that broke out in 2017. Several young men accuse Spacey of having been touched immorally by him without consent. So also on the set of “House of Cards”, where Spacey with crude comments and sexual assault created a “toxic working environment”.

In response to the allegations, it was decided to shoot the series’ final sixth season without Spacey. In his place, Robin Wright (55) became the central figure of the final episodes. Spacey vehemently denies all allegations to date.


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