Kicking in settlements – the “home game” kicked off in Maxglan

The kick-off for a total of 20 football “game appointments” in the urban settlements took place on Wednesday afternoon in the Maxglan open space. The campaign is aimed at regaining play space for children and promoting movement and exchange. The game will be played up to and including October 15th.

The purpose of the campaign initiated by the city of Salzburg and the housing developers is to give children back space. Four to ten year olds in particular should benefit from this. GSWB authorized signatory Bernhard Huber specifies: “Children playing in residential complexes do not meet with approval from all residents. Together with those responsible for the project, we have defined areas in the three GSWB residential complexes in which the football matches can take place without the residents having to feel disturbed. “

Further information and dates
As part of the “Moving City” campaign, football is played in various Salzburg settlements from mid-August to mid-October:
-) Trout trail settlement (07.09. / 21.09. / 05.10.)
-) Freiraum Maxglan (08.09. / 22.09. /06.10.)
-) Goethe settlement (01.09. / 15.09. / 29.09. / 13.10.)
-) Stadtwerk Lehen (02.09. / 16.09. / 30.09. / 14.10.)
-) Kendlerpark (03.09. / 17.09. / 01.10. / 15.10.)