Kickl at the start of the election: “We want to continue what Haider failed to do”

The Carinthian Freedom Party officially started the election campaign on Friday evening. Not only FPÖ politicians from all over Carinthia, but also federal chairman Herbert Kickl was there. After Lower Austria, he continued his new start tour in Carinthia.

Even before things really got going, resident musician Werner Otti set the mood with classics like “Hell”, “Hands to Heaven” and “Viva Colonia”. And the event was well attended. In fact, it was so good that the candidates’ route had to be changed at short notice. There was talk of more than 1,000 visitors. Sharp words against competitors First speaker of the evening Michael Schnedlitz, General Secretary, not only called Herbert Kickl a “positive whirlwind”, but also added: “I come from Lower Austria, from black Hanni to red Peter . Both have a troubled relationship with clothing. She to the ball gowns and he to the Carinthian suit!” For him, “Mikl-Leitner is the first trick, and Kaiser falls at the same time”! After the usual topics of migration, the Ukraine war and inflation, Schnedlitz used words from Lower Austria -Election campaign: “For me, the Carinthian comes first, then the Carinthian, then the Carinthian, then nothing comes for a long time and then everything else.” “The prodigal son has returned from Vienna” In his speech, Kickl wants to be the “prodigal son”. , “who has returned from Vienna – to beautiful Carinthia”! He emphasizes that he has never forgotten Carinthia: “Once a Carinthian, always a Carinthian”. But Kickl came with a job: to imitate Lower Austria! As usual, the FPÖ federal chairman did not spare criticism. “For the total failure on the subject of inflation, for the Corona measures, the warmongering and because they have allowed a migration of peoples into our country – the voters should present the receipt to those responsible.” “Carinthian as Chancellor” For Kickl is Jörg Haider the gardener who left the Carinthian soil in the best condition to plant new seeds. He wanted to “continue where Haider narrowly failed”. In addition, he once again claims the chancellor post: “Then there will be a Carinthian chancellor!” Criticism of Federal President Alexander van der Bellen was also not spared. “The normal people are the real treasure of Carinthia,” says Kickl. Everyone in Austria is talking about the gender guidelines of the state of Carinthia, and Kickl also had negative things to say about it: “If I take gender so seriously, then I can no longer honor mother and father, but two parents. And on Sunday in church the pastor prays the ‘Our Parents’. I am no longer a father, but a parent. And my wife too.” Angerer claims to be governor “Where others hide their federal politicians, we are proud that ours are all here,” Erwin Angerer begins his speech last. There were “Bhu” calls for Governor Peter Kaiser: “He was right at the fore when it came to introducing compulsory vaccination,” said Angerer become. He presented the well-known topics: care, migration, security, inflation, shortage of doctors, etc. “Left government must be prevented” Angerer only has one thing to say about wolves: “Shoot!” Because you have to decide between alpine farming and the wolf. Wind power is also out of the question for Angerer: “We have hydroelectric power and biomass, but we don’t need wind turbines on our mountains”. A left-wing government is also to be prevented. While top candidate Erwin Angerer is giving his campaign speech, the auditorium is slowly emptying — but the foyer is getting fuller and fuller over beer and rolls. The fact that election campaigners, party members and supporters were talking loudly there can also be heard in the hall during the speech. Carinthian national anthem as conclusion At the end of the official part of the election campaign start in Klagenfurt, the Carinthian national anthem was sung together with all candidates and the visitors.
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