Killing Time: Resurrected, the innovative FPS returns in a remastered version

Nightdive Studios continues to dig up old games to bring them up to date, this time he has teamed up with Ziggurat Interactive to look into Killing Time, a FPS originally released on 3DO. A title that mixed first-person shooter, adventure and puzzle game mechanics with a 360° view and blurring the line between cutscenes FMV and gameplay. In 1995, it was fire, Next Generation stated at the time that “Killing Time is the bastard child of Doom and 7th Guest”.

Killing Time: Resurrected benefits modernized graphics, restored cinematic videos, enhanced or recreated illustrations and 4K resolution at 144 fps. Technically, it’s impressive, the first trailer for gameplay can be admired above. On the story side, no changes, we will play an Egyptology student who finds himself stuck in the mansion of Tess Conway, a wealthy heiress who attempted to gain eternal life through a ritual, before disappearing. Here is a complete presentation of Killing Time: Resurrected :

Nightdive Studios and Ziggurat Interactive have joined forces to bring you the chaos by resurrecting this sophisticated shooter filled with dark humor and graphic violence! Experience a game where puzzle solving and logic are at the forefront, and where visceral violence is highlighted by paranormal graphics and a (super)natural story.

Killing Time: Resurrected takes you to the early 1930s as a student investigating the cryptic world of Egyptology who finds himself trapped in the estate of wealthy heiress Tess Conway. A ritual conducted by Mrs. Conway to gain eternal life backfires and her high society friends disappear without a trace. It’s up to you to find and destroy a mystical Egyptian water clock to end the curse while facing hordes of (super)natural horrors.

The Remastered Edition of Killing Time: Resurrected includes artwork and character sprites from the original 3DO and PC versions of the game viewable in high definition, upgraded environment textures, smoother gameplay, improved controls, and more. Responsive and in-depth key mapping settings.

Main features of Killing Time: Resurrected :

  • Enjoy the game in 4K resolution, at 144 FPS, with anti-aliasing and improved or newly created 2D illustrations, both in-game and in the menus.
  • Hear memories of ghostly guests and 7 restored video apparitions. They will give you clues about the heinous crimes that have occurred in the past in the cursed mansion.
  • Look up and down and turn around with the full 360° view. Admire the mansion’s gardens, staircases, and finely detailed floors and ceilings in 3D.
  • More than 45 different areas to explore among the hundreds of rooms of the immense mansion.
  • Thrills guaranteed for true fans of first-person frenzy in narrow corridors. Enjoy the game continuously, with no loading times between different areas.

Killing Time: Resurrected is expected in 2024 on PC (Steam, And Humble Store), PlayStation 4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S and Nintendo Switch. While waiting to discover the precise release date, you can find cards PSN on Amazon, Cdiscount And Fnac.

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