Kim Cattrall: This is how the actress fared after “Sex and the City”

Kim Cattrall
This is what happened to the actress after “Sex and the City”

Finished off her “Sex and the City” role: Actress Kim Cattrall.

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Kim Cattrall is celebrating her 65th birthday. It is known that she has finished with her “Sex and the City” role. But what came after that?

Many know her as the self-confident and daring Samantha Jones from “Sex and the City”, and Kim Cattrall, who will celebrate her 65th birthday on August 21, was a star in the 1980s.

After training as an actor at renowned schools in London and New York City, the native British landed numerous leading roles in films such as the rogue comedy “The Boss” (1985) with Jean-Paul Belmondo (88), the fantasy flick “Big Trouble in Little China” ( 1986) with Kurt Russell (70), in the romantic comedy “Mannequin” (1987) or the thriller “Masquerade – A fatal game” (1988) with Rob Lowe (57). Cattrall also had a leading role in the episode in “Police Academy – Dumber Than The Police Allow” (1984).

In the 1990s she was in the film satire “Purgatory of the Vanities” (1990) with Tom Hanks (65), Bruce Willis (66), Melanie Griffith (64) and Morgan Freeman (84). She was also on board in “Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Land” (1991). From 1998 she slipped into the role to which she owes her big breakthrough …

The beginning of Samantha Jones

She is quick-witted, is open about her sexuality, has a weakness for almost every type of man and an unbeatable sense of humor: It was not without reason that the character Samantha Jones in the 1990s HBO series “Sex and the City” was so popular with viewers at. Cattrall even won two Screen Actor Guild Awards and a Golden Globe for her performance. The sex talks by Samantha and her three friends Carrie Bradshaw (Sarah Jessica Parker, 56), Charlotte York (Kristin Davis, 56) and Miranda Hobbes (Cyntha Nixon, 55) hit the nerve of the times then and now. To the disappointment of many fans, 2004 ended after six seasons and six years.

Four years later, the good news: the series was continued with a movie of the same name, in which the four actresses slipped into their famous roles again. In 2010 another sequel flickered on the international cinema screens.

That’s why she’s not on “And Just Like That …”

But what followed the success of the four actresses was one thing above all after the conclusion of the second film: a dispute that is said to have predominantly occurred between Kim Cattrall and Sarah Jessica Parker. According to various media reports, the reasons extended far into the past. There should have been discussions between the actresses on the set. Nixon, Parker and Davis allegedly often never exchanged a word with Cattrall, had three for lunch and stayed in different hotels while filming abroad.

In addition, the pay differences between the four actresses are said to have led to an argument on the set, according to rumors. While Nixon and Davis accepted that Parker deserved more because of their notoriety, Cattrall reportedly never got over the disadvantage, according to media reports.

Nevertheless, the three actresses always wanted to win over Cattrall for new projects, including the upcoming spin-off “And Just Like That …”, which is currently being shot. But Cattrall refused. The British Guardian She explained in the summer of 2019 that she had simply had enough of her role after the second film. Your role will be missing in the ten new episodes that are expected to be shown in 2022.

What is Kim Cattrall doing today?

Professionally, there are a few series in which she was involved over several episodes after the cult format: “Producing Parker” (2011), “Sensitive Skin” (2013-2016), “Modus” (2017) and “Tell Me a story “(2018-2019). Most recently she was in front of the camera for “Filthy Rich” (2020).

In her private life, Kim Cattrall was married three times: in 1977 she married Larry Davis and the marriage was annulled in 1979. She was married to the architect Andre J. Lyson from 1982 to 1989. The couple lived in Frankfurt for several years, which is why Cattrall has a little command of the German language. Her third and to date last marriage to entrepreneur Mark Levinson lasted from 1998 to 2004.