Kim Hnizdo: Bogner anniversary dedicated to the 80s and “Fire and Ice”

Kim Hnizdo
Bogner anniversary dedicated to the 80s and “Fire and Ice”

Mogli Bauder, Kim Hnizdo and Nilam Farooq at the Bogner event at Lake Wolfgang

© Gisela Schober/Getty Images for Bogner

From model Kim Hnizdo to musician Sasha, stars get nostalgic when they hear the sound of the ’80s.

90 years of Bogner – the cult brand celebrated this with a big party at Lake Wolfgang in Austria – and at the event also built a musical and design bridge from the past to the future. The US artist Gregory Siff (44), who immortalized his modern street art on Bogner hoodies in a spectacular live art performance, brought a breath of fresh air into the evening.

Bogner celebrates “tradition and new beginnings” with song remakes

Composer Harold Faltermeyer (69) also presented three remakes of his iconic song “Fire and Ice”, which he produced in 1986 as the title song for the legendary ski film “Feuer und Eis” by Willy Bogner Junior (80). Faltermeyer brought young international musicians and DJs on board for the project – but kept himself out of the production: “The original composer didn’t do anything with the remix. I wanted to give it to other hands because the world belongs to young people.” Nevertheless, Faltermeyer fondly remembers the 80s, especially the “joie de vivre and informality” of the decade.

Siff also “can’t get the sound of the 80s out of his head” – and he heard the original “Fire and Ice” “over and over” while designing his capsule collection for Bogner. In the resulting outfits, these influences are combined with current design and modern functionality.

And Bogner junior confirms: “Bogner’s past and future are combined at this festival, we have brought the best of two worlds together here: tradition and departure. He celebrates the evening with friends and companions such as freestyle ski legend John Eaves (69).

Athletes, actors and influencers celebrate Bogner’s birthday

The celebrity guests also like to remember the cult decade in which “Fire and Ice” was created – even those who never experienced it. “When I’m in a bad mood, I listen to songs from the 80s and I’m immediately in a good mood again,” says model Kim Hnizdo (26). “I wish I had lived to see the time.” Actress Nilam Farooq (32) is also almost nostalgic: “The music was still really good back then. I wonder if we will think the same about Justin Bieber and Co. in 30 years.” And ski racer Thomas Dreßen (28) agrees: “Back then there was just real music, there wasn’t as much technology and computers as there is today.”

Also at the event at Lake Wolfgang near Salzburg were the Bogner CEOs Heinz Hackl and Gerrit Schneider, Florinda Bogner, actress Anja Kruse (66) and actor Clemens Schick (50), model Pia Riegel (25), actor Eugen Bauder (36) and Musician Mogli Bauder (28), fashion influencer Chris Fraas (32), art influencer Fiona Dinkelbach (34), and ski racers Josef Ferstl (33) and Markus Wasmeier (59) present.


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