Kim Jong Un should be satisfied: North Korea is rehearsing “nuclear counterattack”

Kim Jong Un is said to be happy
North Korea launches ‘nuclear counterattack’

A joint military maneuver by the United States and South Korea is causing irritation in Pyongyang. In response, North Korea fires several missiles. The regime is now announcing that a “nuclear counterattack” was being practiced over the weekend. Ruler Kim Jong Un is said to be satisfied with the test.

According to state media, North Korean ruler Kim Jong Un led a military maneuver to “simulate a nuclear counterattack” over the weekend. The North Korean state news agency KCNA reported that this included the launch of a missile equipped with a dummy nuclear warhead.

Kim expressed his “satisfaction” with the drills, which were held “to familiarize relevant entities with the procedures and processes to implement their tactical nuclear strike mission,” KCNA said.

The exercises were Pyongyang’s fourth demonstration of power within a week as part of a joint maneuver by South Korea and the United States that began last Monday. The largest military exercise in five years is expected to last until Thursday. Pyongyang sees the maneuvers as preparation for an invasion of North Korea and has repeatedly threatened “overwhelming measures”.

The maneuvers on Saturday and Sunday included drills simulating transition to a nuclear counterattack position and a drill to “launch a tactical ballistic missile armed with a mock nuclear warhead,” according to KCNA.

“The missile was armed with a test warhead that replicated a nuclear warhead,” the agency later said, without giving any further details. According to the South Korean General Staff, the short-range missile launched by North Korea landed in the sea. He spoke of a “serious provocation” that violated UN sanctions and announced an investigation by the secret services of the United States and South Korea.

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