Kim Kardashian: Kanye West is moving out of the mansion for good

Kim Kardashian
Kanye West is finally moving out of their villa

Kanye West and Kim Kardashian are currently getting divorced.

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Kim Kardashian and the children stay, Kanye West leaves: US media have learned that West is finally moving out of the shared villa.

The future living situation of Kim Kardashian (40, "The Justice Project") and Kanye West (43, "Yeezus") seems to have already been clarified: As the "People" magazine reports, Kanye West will finally get out of the shared villa in the lot Angeles County move out. His current wife wants to stay there with their children North (7), Chicago (3), Saint (5) and Pslam (1). West agreed with this decision, he had been living mostly on his ranch in Wyoming for a long time.

The two agreed that this would be the best solution, as the children would not be burdened with unnecessary relocation stress. West loves his children very much and wants them to be happy and therefore avoid any argument with Kardashian, said an unspecified source. The couple bought the villa for a rumored US $ 20 million (approx. 17 million euros) and had it renovated and redesigned. The family has also lived there since December 2017.

Since the summer of 2020 there have been rumors about an alleged separation of West and Kardashian. In February, it was finally leaked that Kardashian had filed for divorce in court. Both reportedly want to forego maintenance payments and have apparently already agreed out of court on joint custody of the children.