King Carl Gustaf: His sister Christina reveals intimate details

King Carl Gustav
Just before the anniversary! His sister Christina reveals intimate details

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On September 15th, all of Sweden will celebrate the jubilee of King Carl Gustaf, 77. He has been the monarch of the Scandinavian country for 50 years, making him the longest-serving king in the history of his homeland. On September 15, Carl Gustaf celebrates this milestone with a Anniversary banquet to which numerous family members and international guests are invited in the royal palace. It should be particularly painful for the king that three of his sisters canceled their participation. But not only that: Carl Gustafs fourth sister now unpacks private details in a new documentary about the king.

King Carl Gustaf: Royal dispute! Princess Christina chats away

In public, the five siblings have always maintained a professional relationship. Princess Christina, 80, revealed in new documentary ‘Kungens innersta krets” (English: The King’s inner circle) is a sweet family detail that is only revealed behind closed palace doors. “For me he’s always Carl Gustaf, yes. Also ‘Usta’,” she reveals his nickname. And further: “Or ‘Charlie’ if I’m a little mad at him.”

A close bond then as now: the three-year-old Princess Christina with the then Prince Carl Gustaf, six months.

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Carl Gustaf’s older sister also emphasizes that this nickname is really only used in the closest family circles. “When I talk to other people, of course I say ‘the king’ or ‘my brother,'” she explains. “It’s easier that way.”

Despite the stroke of fate: This is how Christina sees her little brother Carl Gustaf to this day

Of his four older sisters, Christina is the only one who still sees Carl Gustaf and his wife regularly Queen Silvia, 79, and still lives close to the royal couple in Stockholm. It is also Christina who has the closest relationship with Carl Gustaf of the five siblings and is said to be one of the king’s most important advisors, according to the Swedish website “Svensk Dam”.

As their common father, King Gustav Adolf, † 40, died in a dramatic plane crash, Carl Gustaf became King of Sweden at the age of 27. His older sisters watched him as he had to take on the big office at this young age – but for Christina Carl Gustaf is still her little brother even after 50 years and she “still is his big sister”, she says today 80 year old award.

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