King Harald: Hof explains worrying photo

News about the royals in the GALA ticker: Hof confirms King Harald’s intervention on the cheek +++ Princess Leonor is about to graduate from college in Wales.

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April 18, 2023

King Harald had a mole removed

As King Harald, 86, boarded the train at the station in the Norwegian city of Vinstra on Friday March 31 to meet Queen Sonja, 85, Princess Märtha Louise, 51, and their daughters Maud Angelica, 19, and Emma Tallulah Behn, 14, driving to Prinsehytta mountain hut in Sikkilsdalen to celebrate Easter there, you could see a plaster on his right cheek.

King Harald caused rumors of an operation with a plaster on his face.

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There was a birthmark there that got a little bigger over the years. The question quickly arose in the Norwegian media as to whether the monarch had the mole removed. The court has now spoken up and confirmed the rumours. “His Majesty the King had a birthmark removed from his right cheek,” Guri Varpe, the court’s head of communications, told Se og Hör. The exact indication, i.e. the reason why the birthmark was removed, is left open by the court.

Princess Leonor: Goodbye holidays! Now she’s facing her biggest test yet

The good times are over, now it’s time to cram. Princess Leonor, 17, has returned to UWC Atlantic College in Wales after a 10-day Easter break. After weeks of caring for the family, the Spanish heir to the throne is now facing busy weeks. The daughter of King Felipe, 55, and Queen Letizia, 51, will complete her secondary education. After her international Baccalaureate, the teenager will have to say goodbye to the British boarding school on May 20, 2023, where she has lived and studied since August 2021.

The upcoming big test also explains why, contrary to the expectations of various media, Leonor was not spotted at official appearances. The royal will not only have spent the home vacation with cozy chats with loved ones and Easter egg hunts, but will also have crammed properly, as the news portal “Vanitatis” suspects. The final exams at her college shouldn’t be a cakewalk. The 17-year-old will be under high tension for three weeks. During this period, you will be put through your paces by the lecturers. She will receive her final grades in mid-May. After a graduation ceremony, school is finally over and Leonor will return to Spain. In August she begins her three-year military training.

April 17, 2023

King Willem-Alexander is rebuffed by the people – Queen Máxima has reason to be happy

King Willem-Alexander, 55, and Queen Máxima, 51, drew the ire of their people in the midst of the corona pandemic at the end of 2020: The Dutch royals made several missteps, including a holiday in Greece despite general travel restrictions. As a new survey by the TV program “EenVandaag” now reflects, citizens still have little faith in their king. According to this, only a narrow majority of 54 percent of 27,792 respondents spoke in favor of the monarchy.

In addition, 55 percent of Dutch people currently have confidence in the king as head of state, which means that Willem-Alexander has improved by one percent compared to the previous year. But before the pandemic, the royal was happy about 74 percent, such values ​​seem to have receded into the distant future. His wife is still more popular, and 61 percent of those surveyed trust Máxima.

Victoria Romanovna Bettarini delights fans with snap of baby Alexander

On October 21, 2022, Victoria Romanovna Bettarini, 40, gave birth to her first son. Since then, she and her husband, Grand Duke Georgi Romanov, 42, have been in absolute happiness with the baby. Again and again, the 40-year-old delights her Instagram followers with cute snapshots of the little one – like now. Because Baby Alexander celebrated his first Easter, which was celebrated in the Russian Orthodox Church on April 16th.

A literally sugar-sweet recording captures this special moment: Alexander looks at a cake with great interest while sucking his fingers. It is noticeable that the Mini-Royal has grown significantly, he can sit alone. Victoria’s fans are thrilled with the sweet glimpse of Romanov’s Easter celebrations.

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