Kirby and the Forgotten World announces its spring release on video, and in co’op!

While many players are counting on the releases of “the sequel to Breath of the Wild” or the hypothetical Metroid Prime 4 to properly energize the Switch’s release schedule, we should not too quickly forget Kirby and the … forgotten world. CQFD.

Announced during the Nintendo Direct in the fall of 2021, the one that our venerable editor called “The Last of Us in candy country” recalls its existence with a new trailer. So it’s official: Kirby and the Forgotten World will be released on March 25, 2022, yes but on Switch!

Kirby & Kirbis

To announce the (good) news, Nintendo has focused on cooperative mechanics that will allow local exploration of the remains of an ancient civilization alongside Elfilin, the new kid who will act as a second player. This Kirby and the World trailer also takes a closer look at the game’s progression system:

Waddle Dee Village serves as a central hub in Kirby and the Forgotten World. The village will grow as more and more Waddle Dees are rescued and different shops will open their doors to play in the favorite games of its inhabitants. Kirby will also be able to lend a hand at the Waddle Dee cafe, where he will have to serve customers quickly to maintain his level of satisfaction and obtain the best possible score. By connecting to the Internet, it will also be possible to consult the details of global data such as the total number of Waddle Dees saved or the most popular power.

Invitation card

And because many eyes have been on a certain Sonic the Hedgehog lately, Nintendo reminds us that Kirby will also be celebrating his thirtieth birthday in the spring. Indeed, the very portable Kirby’s Dream Land saw the debut of the favorite mascot of Masahiro Sakurai, who will then have placed his star on all the brand’s consoles, even if the road has not always been easy … We think of you , Kirby Air Ride.

Come on, a little more patience: the almost apocalyptic Kirby and the Forgotten World will be released on March 25, 2022 on Switch. And for those who always want more, a new salvo of around forty visuals is available in our image gallery!

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