Kirby and the Forgotten World: near release date, local co-op, hub, unseen powers and more in exhilarating new video

Regardless of the medium, we’re clearly not going to be bored this year, especially on Switch. And it is precisely one of the future exclusives of the console of Nintendo who has just started talking about her again by surprise, Kirby and the Forgotten World. The next major episode of the license was unveiled last September during a Direct through a trailer showing us his world in 3D, to a release scheduled for spring 2022. It will see the light of day during this season, from its very start as evidenced by a new trailer rich in novelties !

To start, Kirby and the Forgotten World is now expected on March 25 on Switch, further inflating the already busy schedule for this first quarter (and the end of the fiscal year). The video reveals many elements of gameplay, with not to change multiple transformations for the character, including the Explorer to shoot enemies from a distance and the Drill used to attack enemies from below.

We also learn that there will be local two-player cooperation by simply detaching a Joy-Con to pass to our partner as we wish, the J2 then embodying Waddle Dee Bandana with his spear. Moreover, we will have to save these little beings during our adventure in this strange world, which were captured by the pack of beasts and will serve as an end-of-level objective, the latter being therefore particularly conducive to exploration.

It all begins when Kirby arrives in an unknown world where he will soon discover that the Waddle Dees have been captured by the pack of beasts. Kirby then begins a new quest to save his friends with the help of the mysterious Elfilin whom he meets in this new world.

And if we have to travel in snowy and desert environments, coasts or even an amusement park, it will also be possible to develop a hub, the village Waddle dee, as we have rescued these creatures. Shops with various games will gradually become accessible, such as serving customers quickly in the cafe Waddle dee to get a high score. A scholar Waddle dee give him advice. And by connecting to the Internet, we will be able to compare our progress with the rest of the community, whose number of Waddle dees saved (decidedly, that’s the end of the day).

Furthermore, 2022 will mark the 20th anniversary of Kirby’s Dream Land and therefore of the license, which saw the light of day on April 27, 1992. To start the celebrations in advance, a very candy pink wallpaper has been shared on Twitter :

While waiting to find out Kirby and the Forgotten World, his predecessor Kirby: Star Allies is still sold € 49.99 on Amazon. Visuals are otherwise available on the next page.

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