Kirby’s Dream Buffet: near release date and surprising price for the multiplayer obstacle course game

Whether mario and his gang were treated to a bunch of games at gameplay varied, Kirby not to be pitied, he who was at the center of several stand-alone on theeShop these last years. The next one will be Kirby’s Dream Buffeta multiplayer obstacle course game revealed last month.

The title will bring us up to 4 players, locally or online, to swallow strawberries on a course of 3 rounds, in order to become bigger and more able to jostle our opponents. And at the end of the competition, the bigger one wins! A new trailer has just detailed the principle of the different roundsthem Power Snacks triggering special powers, cosmetic items and levels to unlock, and treats to collect.

nintendo was planning a release for this summer and clarified its schedule for the franchise’s 30th anniversary concert: Kirby’s Dream Buffet will be available on Switch via theeShop August 17, 2022. On the other hand, despite its simplistic concept, it will not be free-to-play : it will cost €14.99 and will require the Nintendo Switch Online for online games.

If you feel like it, you can also review the Kirby 30th Anniversary Music Fest Live in replay below.

The last part of the saga, Kirby and the Forgotten Worldis otherwise available from €49.49 on

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