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Kirk Douglas: Mourning for "one of the greatest stars of all time"

Hollywood legend Kirk Douglas (1916-2020) passed away on Wednesday at the age of 103, as his son Michael Douglas (75, "Basic Instinct") announced in a social media post. Since then, many friends, colleagues and companions of his famous father have spoken to publicly express their grief – and also given Kirk Douglas one or two new facets.

"An absolute legend of star and man"

"Star Wars" icon Mark Hamill (68, "Star Wars") calls Douglas on twitter one of the "greatest stars of all time and brilliant actors with incredible charisma". Tennis legend Billie Jean King (76) reports in her tweetthat the actor loved their sport and had been to many tournaments since the 1950s. "He was a talented actor who really loved his talent. And his family even more."

Bruce Campbell (61, "Dance of the Devil") writes alluding to "Spartacus" (1960): "A pillar of Hollywood has fallen. Nobody dances on Viking oars like you." Actor George Takei (82, "Spaceship Enterprise") reminds youthat Douglas even received the President's Medal of Liberty in 1981.

Director Rob Reiner (72, "Harry and Sally") mention, thatthat Douglas had once selflessly "got himself in the line of fire" when he went back to Hollywood's blacklist. Actor Jason Alexander (60, "Seinfeld") rewarded: "Kirk was a friend and an absolute legend of star and human. He got better with each passing day."

"103 years on earth. That doesn't sound bad!"

Danny DeVito (75, "Matilda") praises Kirk Douglas for his work and cites the "inspiring" 1973 film "Scalawag" as an example. Further the cult actor writes: "103 years on earth. That doesn't sound bad! It was great to hang around with you."

Actress Mitzi Gaynor (88, "South Pacific") also congratulates Douglas on his "incredible life" and thanks for his talent, "The films we made together will always occupy a special place in my heart." And William Shatner (88, "Spaceship Enterprise") summarizes with a sad emoticon: "What an incredible icon he was in this industry."

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