Kissing: 4 questions for the kiss researcher

A little more loving lip service would not harm us all, says kiss researcher Wolfgang Krüger. Let's start…

Everything used to be different

As a young girl, I found it the ultimate sign of adulthood to have a good time with my boyfriend. Happy with tongue. At the time, I didn't understand why my mother hit the table several times with the palm of my hand. Or older people assigned me among other things in the Cologne Cathedral. But you really couldn't let go of each other. The hand had to fumble constantly in the face of the adored person or somehow the infinite love had to be transferred to him. Today I understand that this behavior is hardly bearable for adults. When I see young people, I am happy if they only discreetly exchange love and body juices. On the other hand, when an older couple kisses, I am fully involved. Recently I watched two old lovebirds hugging, kissing and petting at the airport. They had even dressed up for each other. She in a very short skirt, which was a bit too tight, and shiny tights. He with a printed t-shirt and funny jeans. The two obviously experienced their second spring not only erotically. I literally felt excited about which part of the body would be worked on next. Mind you: All this at the departure gate towards Stuttgart. I got a pair of shiny tights. Lets see what happens.

What happens in the head, body and heart when lips meet?

Due to the close proximity of passionate kisses, we get into a state of emergency with extremely high hormone levels, in which we feel ourselves and the partner intensely. Happiness hormones in particular are released while the stress hormone level drops.

So kissing makes you happy and healthy?

Yes, it not only improves the love relationship, it also reduces stress, speeds up the metabolism, and the immune system is strengthened by the exchanged saliva. Incidentally, it is also facial gymnastics that takes up 34 muscles.

Where is Germany in a smooching country comparison?

In the midfield. Up to the age of 70 we spend an average of 110,000 minutes kissing. The kiss lasts twice as long as it did 20 years ago. And yet we kiss a third less than our European neighbors. It is "worth it"!

What do you mean?

Kissing is important for the partnership. Lips are our most sensual part of the body and play a central role in the erotic proximity of a love relationship. But also for communication. Because kissing is communication. If estrangement occurs in the partnership, intimate kissing is always stopped. Unfortunately, this is usually a gradual process.

DR. WOLFGANG KRÜGER is a psychotherapist. More information on this topic can be found in his book "Sexuality Fulfilled".

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