Kissing the neck: that's why it's so exciting

Kissing someone can be very intimate. What kisses mean what and why you should definitely kiss your partner's neck here.

A person kisses about 100,000 times in a lifetime. And not only that: people who kiss a lot also live longer, researchers have found. Most of them don't need a reason like this to enjoy making out! No wonder, with the right kissing partner it is just so much fun. And these five kisses have it all …

These 5 kisses are tough

1. Kiss on the mouth

The kiss on the mouth may seem fleeting and unimportant, but it isn't. He can kiss greeting, kiss goodbye, but also Declaration of love be – and is often the first kiss ever.

2. Kiss on the forehead

The kiss on the forehead seems harmless and noncommittal, but strictly speaking it expresses the opposite. He testifies to Connectedness and trust. In the kiss your sweetheart expresses his affection for you ❤️.

3. French kiss

The mouths close together and open, the tongues touch and usually the hands wander back and forth on the body of the other. The French kiss is probably the epitome of passionate kisses and not infrequently the prelude to even more intimacy.

4. Gentle walker

The nibbling kiss is wilder. Lovingly and only lightly, the lip of the loved one is bitten, each other teased and whoever likes, gently rocks up to lustful French kisses.

5. Throat kiss

Kisses on and with the mouth are beautiful and exciting, but other places also want to be kissed. Kissing the neck is tingly and definitely makes you want more. For more kisses and more touches and caresses. The kiss on the neck signals passion and lust for the other.

Neck kiss and its meaning

The skin on the neck is thinner, full of nerve endings, more sensitive to touch and therefore very receptive to caresses with hands, mouth and tongue. Kissing or being kissed your partner (or new acquaintance) means Intimacy, enjoyable togetherness and is often associated with the desire that To further increase arousal.

Tips for the perfect neck kiss

The throat is definitely an erogenous zone – at least with women, it is not as popular with men (do you already know these 5 secret erogenous zones of men?). As in love life in general, the same applies to the perfect neck kiss: what you like is right.

Nibble, suck, lick and kiss – try what you like! You could work your way up slowly and with relish from the base of your neck and also not spare your neck. Neck kissing and necking in general can be perfectly integrated into foreplay and are guaranteed to give you goose bumps.

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