Kit Harington: this surreal diet that made him gain and then lose 12 kilos

Kit Harington will star in the film Pompeii, broadcast on W9 this Sunday, December 4. The opportunity to discuss the regime followed by the actor to be able to embody this role.

Being an actor is not always easy and it is not Kit Harington who will say the opposite. The one who plays the roles today had a very difficult start during which he made many sacrifices. He will star in the movie Pompeiibroadcast on W9 this Sunday, December 4 and, for this role, he had to make a very significant physical transformation. Indeed, Kit Harington embodies Milo and he thus followed a high protein diet of 3,000 calories per day. This allowed him to gain 12 kilos but also lose them so easily. Indeed, the actor then had to go on a diet to go from about 76 to 64 kilos and thus, develop his muscles so that they are perfectly drawn. A step that was not easy since this intensive training has “turned into an obsession for Kit Harington”, as revealed by Allociné. He then “suffered from body dysmorphia (Editor’s note: excessive anxiety about the appearance of his body)“, to the point of becoming completely obsessed with his physical appearance.”He went to the gym three times a day, six days a week, exhausting himself“, specifies the media. A first role in the cinema for Kit Harington which was the subject of criticism, indicating that his teenagers had been added digitally.

This diet, Kit Harington suffered a lot. On the occasion of the promotion of the film in Australia, the actor had mentioned this experience. “It was a full time job. I trained six times a week, three times a day and followed a very strict diet“, he explained, highlighting the fact that it was not obvious. However, despite this intensive training, Kit Harington never wanted it to end and he even claimed to have finally enjoyed it. “It really becomes an obsession, we are fully into it. At a certain point, it makes things easier“, he assured before adding: “It’s getting out of this kind of diet and lifestyle that is so difficult.” The one who has long been on the bill of game of thrones had specified that he had accepted this role in order to be able to reveal his body on the screen. “i think i did Pompeii in reaction, because I’m never allowed to take off my clothes in Game of Thrones“, he had recalled before regretting : “Everyone undresses in the series and not me”. In order to perfect his body, Kit Harington was able to count on the help of Nuno Capitao de Salles, his physical coach. Seeing that the situation was starting to degenerate since the actor must have been obsessed with his body, this one intervened in order to slow it down and remind him of the importance of not putting his health at risk. As a reminder, at the end of the series Game Of Thronesthe actor had revealed to have suffered from problems related to stress and alcohol. He was then treated in a center located in Connecticut. A break that had been necessary for his sanity.

Kit Harington: who does he share his life with?

Kit Harington couldn’t show off his body on the show Game Of Thrones but this one allowed him to find love. For several years, it is with Rose Leslie that he shares his life. Both met on the set and they never left each other. “When you’re attracted to someone, and you play the lovers on the show, it’s very easy to fall in love.“, had confided the actor in the columns of Vogue Italy. The couple married in June 2018 in Scotland and welcomed their first child, a little boy, in February 2021.

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