Kit Harrington is behind the Jon Snow spin-off

While the return of Game of Thrones to the screen with a sequel centered on the character of Jon Snow has just been confirmed, it was revealed that it was Kit Harington himself who had the idea.

Despite a rather disappointing last season, Game of Thrones remains in the eyes of many Internet users, one of the best series of the last decade. So when a sequel centered on Jon Snow was confirmed, the news was widely welcomed on social media.

While the enthusiasm of Internet users was still at its peak, Emilia Clarke, the actress who gave life to Daenerys Targaryen in the HBO series, added fuel to the fire.


The Game of Thrones spin-off centering on the character of Jon Snow was recently confirmed.

In addition to confirming in turn the existence of the project, she lifted the veil on the involvement of Kit Harrington, who is not content to resume his role. Indeed the interpreter of Jon Snow is also the creator of this spin-off.

Kit Harrington is the creator of Snow, the Game of Thrones spin-off

He told me about it. And I know it exists. It is happening. It’s a Kit creation from what I understand, so he’s been involved from the start. So what you’re going to watch, hopefully if all goes well, is certified by Kit Harington.” Emilia Clarke told the BBC.

Unfortunately when the actress was asked if she would be part of the cast she said with a laugh, “No, I think I’m done”.

As if that weren’t enough, the author of the novels behind the series, George RR Martin also came to add his two cents, notably revealing the name of the project.

Obviously Emilia Clarke already announced that Snow was Kit’s idea in a recent interview, so you already know that. Yes, it was Kit Harington who brought us this idea. I can’t give you the names of the writers and showrunners, since it hasn’t been officially revealed yet… but it’s also Kit who brought them in, it’s his team, and they’re great“, he said on his blog.

While waiting for the veil to be lifted further on Snow, as well as on the other projects around Game of Thrones, fans can cut their teeth on House of the Dragons, expected for August 22 on OCS.

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