Kitchen hacks: 3 typical avocado mistakes that almost everyone makes

Superfood mishaps
Almost everyone makes these 3 avocado mistakes – you too?

So that avocados can really develop their full flavor effect, you should pay attention to a few things.


We love avocados! Whether in a salad, in a smoothie or as guacamole – the green super fruit is a real all-round talent. However, a lot can go wrong during the preparation…

It’s hard to imagine our kitchens without them: avocados are clearly one of the superfood winners of our time. Rightly so! Because they are not only rich in potassium and other minerals as well as vitamins E, B6 and D, they also contain large amounts of healthy unsaturated fatty acids.

Superfood Mistakes: Do You Make These Avocado Mistakes?

The preparation of the avocado is very simple – peel, cut and go! Or? In fact, some mistakes can happen that can affect taste and health. You can find out what you should definitely pay attention to in the video.

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