Kitchen lighting: 20 ideas for the best light

Kitchen lighting – from functional to comfort factor – is a comprehensive topic. So that you don’t lose the overview, we have put together a nice selection of options for room design.

Finding the right kitchen lighting can be tricky. Because while good, powerful lighting is important when chopping vegetables, for example, bright light quickly creates an uncomfortable atmosphere. So we’ve put together a mix of kitchen lighting ideas that will give you what you need at the right moment.

Kitchen lighting: It’s all in the mix

Handling sharp knives in the half-dark? Not a good idea. Sitting at the kitchen table under a neon tube or its successor, the LED strip? Uninviting. Therefore, our first tip is direct: It is better to use several light sources for your kitchen lighting instead of one large one. Then you can switch between the individual lamps, spotlights or indirect light as required. We’ll show you what that can look like here.

Kitchen lighting in the work area – full speed ahead

Whether on the worktop or the stove – wherever you work in the kitchen with sharp knives or hot stovetops and the like, you should get one good lighting and thus sufficient view provide. radiator, spots or LED strips that are attached under the wall units are ideal. Unobtrusive or even invisible when switched off, they offer you maximum performance if you wish.

Three possible variants:

LED strips usually disappear under the kitchen cabinets and are therefore only visible when you need them, i.e. switch them on. Although there is one or the other variation of the optics, basically they can only be distinguished by their length and their frame. Overall, LED strips are always a good idea for kitchen lighting.

Tip: There are some models for dimming and in part with remote. So you can fall back on a more subtle light after completing your supposedly more dangerous tasks. Less brightly shining can then also LED strips create a cozy atmosphere.

Also smaller ones radiatorthat don’t under, but on be mounted on the upper cabinets, or clamp lights, which are attached to open shelves, can provide you with the right level of brightness. Although these are often designed for bookshelves, they are also practical and functional in the kitchen.

Which ceiling lamp for which area?

If you have your dining table in the kitchen, a beautiful ceiling lamp makes a lot of sense. After all, you and all other hungry mouths would like to see what is on the table or what is on the plate. Depending on your kitchen equipment, there are hardly any limits. Only the illuminant itself should sufficient strength have, but also not too bright illuminate. The choice of ceiling lamps is enormous and ranges from a single lamp with a lampshade to a combination of radiators to modern, unusual constructions, such as a collection of stylish lightbulbs.

Would you rather create a basic brightness in the room with a ceiling lamp? Shouldn’t or doesn’t it have to be hanging over a dining area? Then you can also choose a ceiling lamp that lives up to its name and sits directly on the ceiling. Here we offer a simple, semicircular lamp or so-called living room spotlight in the best way.

Three possible variants:

How about a little color in the kitchen? It is not always just colorful vegetables or fruits that have to ensure this. Your facility too, in this case yours kitchen lightingcould as Color accent for a friendly mood care in the kitchen.

Not quite as colourful, but no less decorative, is this example in matte black with a copper-colored inside. Through the opaque lampshade you can specifically illuminate your dining area.

If you prefer the minimalist furnishing style and would also like to keep your kitchen lighting simple, this could be your choice pendant light favor. Its simple and therefore stylish design fits into any kitchen.

Setting accents: Discreet light sources for a beautiful ambience

Even if you’re not a hobby cook and want to spend as little time as possible in your kitchen, it’s still important to make it cozy here too. Small table lamps tastefully provide subdued light. Depending on the size of the kitchen, one of these light sources is often enough to illuminate the room sufficiently. Especially in situations such as looking for snacks in the candy aisle – pardon me, of course we mean reaching into the fruit bowl – that do not require bright holiday lighting, this type of kitchen lighting is completely sufficient and much more comfortable.

A great alternative are indirect light sources. Whether as Hose or strips on the wall units or small spotlights that shine in cupboards with glass panes – the same applies here: without immersing the entire kitchen in dazzling bright light, they ensure discreet kitchen lighting and a pleasant atmosphere.

More unusual lamps: Can it be something special?

Wasn’t the right lamp among the kitchen lighting ideas mentioned? Don’t worry, we’re far from finished with our suggestions. Finding beautiful kitchen lighting is not easy. Don’t let the abundance of possibilities overwhelm you, but make a precise plan for your kitchen lighting. If you would like to deviate from the norm with one or the other piece, you have a completely different, even larger selection with kitchen lamps. Unusual shapes or special colors – we have brought you a few exciting examples.

How about this one modelwhich exudes great industrial charm thanks to the black and copper-colored metal and gives your kitchen something very distinctive?

Or are you perhaps more into noble, shiny copper? Then this one could kitchen lighting become a great eye-catcher above your dining area. With four adjustable spotlights that can be rotated and tilted, each area can be individually illuminated.

This retro model is perfect both above a dining table and above a kitchen island. Supposedly made from an old water pipe, the hanging light your kitchen guarantees an individual look. Five sockets for E27 bulbs ensure that there is also enough light.

This one is also more rustic and industrial in style model Consider making your kitchen lighting a focal point of the room.

Significantly more playful and, above all, less than kitchen lighting because it inspires us as a decorative element lights lettering. What are you saying? will you give us a smile

Illuminance and color of light – you should know that

In very simplified terms, illuminance indicates how much light shines on a specific surface. This information is therefore particularly important when it comes to illuminating work surfaces in the kitchen. So when choosing your kitchen lighting, make sure that the lamp / socket is also intended for the corresponding light bulbs and other light sources.

An example from everyday life: In a public office, the illuminance at the desk must be 500lx (lux). This is mandatory due to occupational safety and personal safety.

For your kitchen lighting this means: You should plan for 500 lumens per square meter. In areas where you primarily sit and feast, 300 lumens may be sufficient.

When it comes to light color, most experts recommend a neutral white light to choose. The basic lighting, i.e. the area around the kitchen table, can also be bathed in a warm white light.

Planning kitchen lighting in three steps

As you can see, it is important to have a concept for your kitchen lighting. While we don’t have to worry as much about bedroom lighting and can just “stumble” across a pretty lamp for the bedside table, we have to Plan kitchen lighting. Unlike the rest of the apartment, it is very important here that you illuminate the crucial areas sufficiently. Therefore, when it comes to kitchen lighting, you should first make a precise plan of what you need, collect ideas and then go by the look.

Three steps to the kitchen lighting concept

  1. Determine room size & calculate required illuminance (500 lumen x square meter)
  2. Consideration: Which area needs to be particularly bright; which area should have a cozy light?
  3. Select suitable illuminants and lamps

We have already given you ideas on what the kitchen lighting could look like. Now it’s your turn. Have fun planning and implementing!

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