Klaas surprises Joko: unwanted naked contact with extraterrestrials

Klaas surprises Joko
Unintentionally naked contact with extraterrestrials

This time Klaas had a surprise for Joko in his luggage.

© ProSieben / Stefan Gregorowius

This time, only Klaas used the 15 minutes of broadcasting gained by ProSieben – to send a naked Joko into space.

If Joko Winterscheidt (44) and Klaas Heufer-Umlauf (39) emerge victorious in the fight against broadcaster ProSieben, then the 15 minutes played can be deeply witty to outrageously stupid. In the most recent broadcast minutes, the second case had once again occurred, even if this time only one of the two nonsense seemed to have a finger in the pie. Because unlike usual, the two did not surprise the nation as a duo, but Klaas surprised his unsuspecting colleague.

In the middle of a TV recording of Winterscheidt, Heufer-Umlauf from the director steps in and asks the puzzled presenter to come over. On the way there – similar to how it was for eliminated candidates from his show “Who is stealing the show from me?” is the case – a bizarre gauntlet awaits Joko, which should get him in the mood for a journey into space.

Deepfake in Space

Finally, Klaas enlightens his congenial but increasingly worried buddy: hours ago he sent a special balloon on its journey to the edge of space. Attached to it is a box containing Joko’s highly personal items. To be more precise, his apartment key and identity card.

But that’s not all: In order to bring potential aliens closer to a person’s physique, the box also contained an alleged nude photo of Joko – who then protested loudly and made it clear: “That’s not my Schniedel!”


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