Knife “slipped” – bloody Brettljause: woman suffered stab wounds

A 56-year-old was on trial against his wife after years of violent excesses. Now it’s over for the time being: five years in prison! The victim receives an additional 5,800 euros in compensation for pain and suffering.

A woman from the Vienna Woods had to endure true martyrdom for years under the guise of a “perfect marriage”. From verbal abuse to beatings to sexual assault. Almost every day she asked herself the question: “Will this be a day that I will survive?” The victim described his ordeal in a composed and clear manner – with coccyx fractures and numerous broken ribs as well as stab wounds. Now her husband and tormentor had to answer to the court in St. Pölten for serious bodily harm, rape and continued violence. He denied that his wife had hurt herself. Rather, his wife was very clumsy. Injuries – for example after falling down stairs – are the order of the day. Then he reveals his true face. On good days he was “Peter”, on bad days he was “Paul” (names changed). “So she was able to adjust to it,” says the 56-year-old. His explanation for the bloody end of a Brettljause with stab wounds in the stomach and thighs of the woman: “I must have slipped while slicing the ham with the butcher’s knife.” That was too much of a bad thing: Five years in prison – not legally binding.
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