Knitting a hooded scarf: Instructions from Guido Maria Kretschmer

For re-knitting
Armored against the cold in a cuddly arm

© Olivia Lessing / Guido

With this very special mix of scarf, XL turtleneck and hat, we beat frostbite in style. Guido’s fluffy hooded snood is incredibly quick to knit and could become the must-have accessory of the season.

Cuddly arm re-knitting – this is what you need:

  • Yarn from Lana Grossa, quality »Brigitte No. 2 «(47% alpaca, 45% cotton, 8% new wool, length 140 m / 50 g): 150 g in cinnamon orange No. 32
  • Order a wool package for 23.85 euros at ↘
  • Knitting needles 5 or 6 • Circular knitting needles 4 or 5

(It is important that you get the information in the gauge)

Ribbon pattern
With the circular needle. In the round: K 1, P 1 alternately.

Half patent
With a thick needle. 1st row (back row): Edge stitch, slip off 1 st with a P YO, K 1 alternately, end with 1 st slip off with a P, edge stitch.

2nd row (right side): Edge stitch, K tog 1 with the yarn over from previous row, P 1 alternately, end with 1 st with the yarn over from previous row K tog, edge stitch.

Always work 1st and 2nd row alternately. Always knit all edge stitches.

Knitting sample
Half-patent: 16 sts and 34 rows = 10 x 10 cm.

That’s how it’s done

Cast on 109 sts with a thick needle and knit in semi-patent. Cast off 12 sts on each side for the face opening 20 cm from the cast on and continue over the remaining 85 sts in semi-patent. For the hood rounding 39 cm from the stop, knit the middle 3 sts together, knit 41 sts on the front side, work 1 double overlay (slip 1 st, knit 2 together, slip the slipped st over) and finish row. Repeat these dec every 4th row. Cast off the remaining sts 48 cm from the cast off and close the seam. Close the seam in the middle front in the mattress stitch. Pick up approx. 116 sts on the entire hood neckline with the circular knitting needle and knit almost 8 cm in a waistband pattern, then cast off all sts, fold the panel in halfway and sew it there.

This article originally appeared in Guido issue No. 11/2020.