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Knit a soft duo with this fringed scarf and hat made in jersey stitch with comfortable yarns.

The scarf knitted with circular needles

The material to make the scarf

  • Fashion Mohair Merino chunky quality knitting yarn, color 009 (apricot) 10 balls of 50g (Rico Design) Point of sale:
  • Circular needles n ° 6, 80 cm cable (Rico Design)
  • A wool hook

Employee point
Jersey location
Knit rows: knit
Purl rows: purl stitch


10 x 10 cm = 14 stitches and 19 rows in knit stockinette stitch

Making the scarf

Cast on 98 stitches and knit stockinette stitch by slipping the first stitch on each row, without knitting it.

When piece measures 200 cm cast off all sts.

Block your work (and prevent it from rolling away), pinning it at its final dimensions (70 x 200 cm) on a terry towel.
Moisten with a generous spray of cold water and let dry.

Make the fringes by cutting strands of wool of L 44 cm.
Fold them in 4 and tie together every 2 stitches at each end of the scarf.

The good idea : have fun making the fringes in another tone of the same yarn.

How to make bangs

With the hook, take 2 strands of 40 cm long and fold them in half. Pass the loop thus formed through the edge of the knitting, pass the ends of the threads through the loop and pull hard. Repeat identically along the ends of the beginnings and ends of the scarf.

Jersey and rib beanie with a pompom

Creation and photo Rico Design

49.5 cm head circumference

The material to make the hat

  • Quality Fashion Alpaca Cozy Up Knitting Yarn! color 005: 2 balls (gray) (Rico Design) on sale on:
  • Knitting needles # 10 and # 12 (Rico Design)

Stitches used to make the hat

Jersey location

Knit rows: knit / purl rows: purl.

Ribs 1/1

Knit rows: alternate 1 knit stitch, purl 1 /

Purl rows: knit sts as shown.


10 x 10 cm = 7.5 stitches and 10 rows in knit stockinette stitch, needles size 12

Making the beanie

Cast on 51 stitches on needles no.10 and knit 9 cm in 1/1 rib.
Continue in stocking st on needle size 12.
On the next knit row, decrease 14 evenly (decrease by one stitch every 3 stitches).
You have 37 stitches.

Knit in stockinette stitch.

When the piece measures 15 cm knit the following decreases on the odd rows:
1st row: alternate 4 knit stitches, knit 2 together, finish with knit 1. You have 31 stitches.
3rd row: alternate 3 knit stitches, knit 2 together, finish with knit 1. You have 25 stitches.
5th row: Alternate 2 knit stitches, knit 2 together, finish with knit 1. You have 19 stitches.
7th row: alternate 1 knit stitch, knit 2 together, finish with knit 1. You have 13 stitches.
On the 8th row, alternate purl 1, reverse 2 together, finish with purl 1. You have 7 stitches.
Cut the thread, pass it through the remaining stitches, tighten strongly.

Close the back seam by sewing the excess thread along the selvages.

Moisten the cap, shape it and let it dry.

Make a pompom about 10 cm in diameter and sew it to the tip of the hat.

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