Knockout City: end of content and servers announced, but the game will survive on PC with private servers

It is the carnage on the side of the free-to-play this week. After Apex Legends Mobile And Rumbleverseit’s the turn of Knockout City to announce the scheduled shutdown of its servers: the end of a great story for this dodgeball game launched in 2021 and published by Electronic Arts until his Season 5 before Velan does not take its independence.

While Season 9 will launch on February 28, this will be the last wave of additional content for the experience. Microtransactions will be cut at the end of the month, to give players time to spend the money still on their wallet. The community will then be asked to say goodbye to Knockout City with the special event Thanks for the KOs. from May 26with some Triple XP and the return of Playlist Superpowers: Power Grab.

THE servers will finally close on June 6, 2023 at 9:00 p.m. French time, making all online features inaccessible, and the game unusable on consoles. On the other hand, it will still be playable in a reduced version on PC: Velan will indeed offer a special Knockout City client to be able to continue playing on private servers. More details will be given closer to its release, and if you want more information about the endgame online, you can find it in English on the official site.

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