Known from Xbox and PC: Cute Zelda clone lands on PlayStation and Switch

What started out as an exclusive adventure action RPG for Xbox and PC is now making its way to other major platforms. Described as a cute Zelda clone, Tunic is coming to PlayStation and Nintendo Switch soon.

Tunic is coming to PlayStation and Nintendo Switch

Since March 16, 2022, the brave little fox has been embarking on great adventures for you, even in a foreign country. Your task is to face huge beasts, collect powerful items and uncover long-lost secrets. Does that sound familiar and suspiciously like Zelda? In fact, Tunic is also based on games in this series.

Since the day of its release, the game has been available on Xbox Game Pass, making it available to millions of players. Now the audience will be even wider because it has been announced that the game will also be released for the PS4, PS5 and Nintendo Switch on September 27, 2022. It’s certainly a huge win for Nintendo, as the game’s cute graphics and story fit well with the company’s family-friendly aesthetic (source: [email protected]).

You can get a first impression of the game in these trailers:

What are users saying about the game so far?

On the Metacritic page, the game achieves a Rating of a good 85 points. Among other things, it is praised that, despite its simplicity, it is fun and varied, thus providing added play value. Furthermore, the cute graphics, the beautiful colors and the clear combat system are praised.

However, criticism is leveled at the Similarity to the classic Zelda games voiced. In addition, the game sometimes lacks the red thread, so you get stuck and don’t know where to go next (source: Metacritic).

Tunic is scheduled for release on September 27th for the PS4, PS5 and Nintendo Switch. How much it should cost for these consoles is not yet known.

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