KOF XV: crossplay, new DLCs and a new Fatal Fury are coming

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On the occasion of EVO, SNK delighted fans of The King of Fighters with the announcement of new DLC, but not only…

As announced by SNK, they have a lot of surprises in store for us this 2022 edition of the EVO. Among one of these first surprises, we find the arrival of the characters of Samurai Shodown in The King of Fighters XV. We will thus find Haohmaru and Nakoruru, two KOF regulars as well as Darli Dagger, one of the new fighters from the latest Samurai Shodown opus. The latter will also have the right to a brand new netcode based on Rollback Netcode from KOF XVa great one for all fans of the series.

The game will also welcome during its second season scheduled for 2023, Shingo Yabuki from KOF 97′ and Fatal Fury’s Kim Kaphwan. This new season will be accompanied by the arrival of crossplay on the game.

Speaking of Fatal Fury, SNK surprised its entire community by announcing that a new opus of the cult fighting game license is currently in development. At the moment, very little is known on this new iteration of the license except for an illustration of the title confirming that it will be a sequel to Garou: Mark of The Wolveslatest episode released in 1999.

Fans were absolutely in shock as seen in the streamer’s reaction, Maximilian Doodat the announcement of the new game.

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