"Koh-Lanta 2021": Brice very young dad, his fans in heaven: Current Woman The MAG

There are immutable facts in life: death, the Yule log and the hearings of Koh Lanta which continue to be a hit with the seasons. The latest edition, baptized "The 4 lands", was no exception to the rule, rallying millions of worshipers around the campfire. There were indeed many, on Friday December 4, to attend the unexpected coronation of Alexandra, who garnered more votes than Brice from the final jury. The blonde with a rebellious streak, who lost almost 13 kilos during the adventure, had won the legendary pole test but did not rally enough votes for his cause. An unfortunate failure that stuck in his throat for a while but from which he recovered quickly with happy news.

"A small shrimp" like his father

Because, like his playmate Dorian, the Creusois became the father of a family on Wednesday December 9, 2020. That is to say a few weeks before the date initially scheduled, which did not bother the radio host, happy as never. "This christmas angel is arrived a little earlier than expected, "noted the young man. And to continue:"We are very happy to introduce you to our little adventurer, mom is fine, she was great ". And if he shared his joy with his many subscribers, all over the moon, Brice reserved the right to keep the name of the newborn. He nevertheless probed his "Loulous" by asking them for ideas of first names and especially by thanking them for their support. Childbirth was not a walk in the park for the companion of the king of balance, who would have preferred "do Koh-Lanta twice", as he recounted in an Instagram story. "Everything is fine. This new adventure started last night at 4:35 am", he announced. And to specify:"It weighs 2.8kg, it's a small shrimp. "A little adventurer well worth all the immunity totems in the world, right?

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