Koh-Lanta 2022: Fouzi eliminated, great feat by Bastien, Jean-Charles has a lot on the potato!

Last week, when they were divided into five pairs, it was Maxime who was eliminated. The adventurer dragged Louana, with whom he formed a duo, in his fall. Now, there are only a handful to claim the title of big winner of Koh-Lanta, The Cursed Totem : François, Ambre, Olga, Bastien, Nicolas, Jean-Charles, Fouzi and Géraldine. But one of them leaves the adventure tonight… Summary of this evening.

comfort game

First of all, Louana and Maxime arrive at the residence of the final jury, where they find Colin, Pauline, Yannick and Anne-Sophie. The duo recounts the betrayal of the ex-greens and Pauline bursts into tears. She who firmly believed in this alliance… On the camp of the reunited tribe, the atmosphere is gloomy. Amber blames herself for having eliminated her comrade.

Enough discussions, make way for the game of comfort. The adventurers compete in a classic Koh Lanta. All find themselves lying on a horizontal ladder placed in the middle of the ocean. While above sea level, this ladder tends to drop as the game progresses. The closer it gets to water level, the harder it is to stay in position… goal is to be the last one standing.

The two winners win one of the most beautiful rewards of the season: a meeting with a woman who takes care of the protection of the turtles, which are in the middle of their egg-laying period. That’s not all, a good meal based on beef skewers, sweet potato fries and chocolate mousse, as well as a comfortable night and an early morning breakfast is also on the program. Finally, the ultimate survivor will be entitled to a considerable advantage for the rest of the adventure: an immunity amulet valid for the next council (and which will be transferable). Finally, the adventurer who arrived last will have a disadvantage.

Olga is the first to let go. She is followed by Nicolas, Jean-Charles, Fouzi, François then Géraldine. The second place goes to Ambre and the big winner is Bastien.

The winning duo glides along in comfort whileOlga discovers her curse. She will have to compete in an eliminatory round. If she wins, she stays. If she loses, she is eliminated on the field! She will face two other adventurers, chosen by the two winners of the comfort game. Bastien designates Fouzi, Amber designates Jean-Charles.

Amber’s decision, or rather her justification (she wants to give her comrade a chance to surpass herself) does not pass. Jean-Charles realizes that he is in danger for the next councils, just like Fouzi and Olga. He then plans to break the alliance of the three ex-greens Nicolas, François and Ambre if he remains in the adventure.

Elimination round

While Bastien and Ambre enjoy their breakfast, Olga, Fouzi and Jean-Charles leave the camp to go and compete in their event. Their mission is to interpose four balls vertically, while inserting a support between each ball. Other difficulties: the three adventurers must stand on a beam throughout the event.

Victory is for Olga! The rest of the event is played out between the two men, elbow-to-elbow… Finally, Jean-Charles manages to complete his lap and it is therefore Fouzi who is eliminated. He leaves the adventure disappointed but proud of his career.

Before joining the camp, the other two Robinson apprentices have some great news. Denis Brogniart tells them that they will first go to an island where there is a chest. The content of it will then allow them to be masters of their destiny.

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