Koh Lanta: has a candidate spoiled the next All Stars season? : Current Woman The MAG

This will be a meeting not to be missed under any circumstances. There will indeed be an air of the World Cup football on the island where is the All Stars edition of Koh Lanta. To celebrate its twenty years of existence, the legendary adventure show wanted to mark the occasion and brought together twenty emblematic candidates. A dream cast made up of ten men and ten women, including the swift Claude Dartois, the quiet force Teheuira, the formidable Clémence Castel or even thea surprising Cindy Poumeyrol. The latter had distinguished itself in the twentieth season (2019) by slipping into the final, won by Maud, where the bookmakers would not have bet a Fijian dollar (the local currency) on its ability to hold the distance. Its presence in this anniversary edition would not be illegitimate if only the young Bordelaise had not participated in another reality TV show (Moms & Famous), normally eliminatory test.

Cindy already eliminated from the All-Stars edition?

But Alexia Laroche-Joubert, producer of the two programs, does not consider Mom & Famous like a reality TV show, the adventurer was announced in the credits and must now eat coconut in the turquoise waters, unveiled by Denis Brogniart on the occasion of a photo without filter. Except that in parallel with the shooting, the mother of little Alba posted several photos of her on Instagram. Three hypotheses therefore arise to explain this duplication of personality. The first is to believe that one of his relatives feeds his social networks for him. The second pleads for an early elimination of the pretty blonde, which could irritate production teams to the utmost extent who seek to keep the immunity advice secret for as long as possible. Finally, last possibility, Cindy Poumeyrol would never have boarded the plane, the controversy surrounding his participation having forced ALP to do an about-face. Whatever the reason, the young woman should be called to order by the Koh-Lanta teams.

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