Koh-Lanta: Two candidates as a couple, unmistakable images revealed

Since 2001, TF1 has broadcast one or more seasons of its flagship show each year. Koh Lanta. Thus, many adventurers have been presented to the general public. All of them lived on an island like Robinson Crusoe and had to face sporting events in the hope of winning the competition. If some did not win, the program brought them love. Many are indeed the couples to be born thanks to Koh-Lanta. And a brand new one has been unveiled.

We already knew that the candidates of Koh-Lanta, the treasure island (2016) Jesta Hillmann and Benoît Assadi were a couple. The couple even got married and had two children Juliann (born July 15, 2019) and Adriann (born February 2021). Candice and Jérémy from the same edition, Alix and Mathieu (2020) or even Myriam and Thomas from the 2021 season also found love during their adventure. But it also happens that two participants who have not done the same edition end up succumbing to each other. We think of Mathilde (2017) and Romain (2016) who recently united for better and for worse. And we didn’t know it, but Colin from the last season is no longer a heart to take.

After her participation, rumors of a couple with Olga came out because the two candidates were inseparable. Allegations quickly denied by Colin once his elimination was broadcast. “This is not the case. People are wrong. It’s true that we are seen together a lot on social networks, but it’s just that it’s nice to spend time together. Believe in friendship between men and women“, he told Purepeople. Olga, who is married to former footballer Joseph Maronne, also spoke.It is totally false. Within my couple, it did not create jealousy but it created something unpleasant“, she confided in particular to Entertainment TV. At the risk of disappointing some, it is therefore not with her that he spins the perfect love, but with a candidate from another season: Marie (2021).

Two candidates from Koh-Lanta as a couple

Since last June, the two adventurers have been appearing together on the occasion of a road trip. Last July, for example, they both went to Switzerland and in August to Iceland. But on their videos, nothing suggested that they were a couple. We had to wait until November 2 to find out. Internet users could see that they left for the mountains. And on the images, they appeared accomplices. In particular, we could see them holding hands. And we can read the hashtag “love” in caption.

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