Kojima Productions: The game in collaboration with Xbox would still be relevant despite the rumor of the acquisition of the studio by Sony

You may have come across a funny rumor today while rummaging through social networks: that of a takeover of Kojima Production by Sony, so that the team of Hideo Kojima integrates the PlayStation Studios. And if this rumor spreads like wildfire, there is nothing to confirm it today, especially since the latest news, the creator seemed to be working on a project with Microsoft. And the latter would still be relevant according to the irreplaceable Jeff Grubb.

Two contradictory rumors?

It all started a few hours ago when the PlayStation Studios banner has been refreshed, featuring an image of Death Stranding Director’s Cut which has been added to those of games from studios owned by sony. What create some questions, especially when we remember that the takeover of Bluepoint Games had also been inadvertently revealed on a promotional image.

But since Hideo Kojima seemed to be working on a game with Microsoft, there is reason to doubt. Especially since according to Jeff Grubb, this project is still well underway. In his latest Grubbsnax show, relayed by VGC, the VentureBeat journalist announces that he recently heard about the project, which means that it would still be relevant:

A few weeks ago, the deal between Xbox and Kojima was still ongoing. It’s not based on the information I had last year, it’s more recent than that. It is still relevant. Does this mean PlayStation couldn’t have acquired Kojima Productions? Not necessarily. ยป

As you will have understood, Kojima Productions seems to be in the process of developing an Xbox project, and a takeover of PlayStation even before this project is unveiled would be very surprising. It will therefore be necessary to take tweezers with this kind of rumorsand wait for it to be confirmed or not before jumping to conclusions.

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