Kojima’s new game revealed, it’s going to be crazy

Surprise ! Hideo Kojima attended The Game Awards 2023 not to present a new Death Stranding 2 trailer, but to unveil OD (Overdose).

For several months, Hideo Kojima seems to be working on a Death Stranding 2 trailer. At least, that’s what we could legitimately think about until a few hours before Geoff Keighley’s ceremony. But things ultimately took a completely different turn. The Japanese creator appeared on stage at the Peacock Theater to announce his next game after DS2. It’s called OD and you’ve already heard of it…

Hideo Kojima announces his new game OD (Overdose)

We could have imagined everything… except that! In a staging that implicitly referenced PT, the playable teaser for Silent Hills, Hideo Kojima invited himself to the Game Awards 2023 to introduce OD. Its second project in development which will be an Xbox Cloud Gaming exclusive. “We are working with Xbox Game Studios and their cloud gaming technology to take on the challenge of creating a unique, immersive and completely new style of gaming – or rather a new form of media” (via Kojima Productions).

We haven’t seen anything on OD, but several elements have been confirmed, starting with gender. This is indeed the horror game Overdose which was leaked a few months ago. And obviously, Kojima-san wants to push the limits of fear. “OD will explore the limits of fear and what it means to overdose on fear, while blurring the boundaries and the film”. Anyone who had the courage to go through the PT demo must already be freaking out reading these clues about the direction the game is taking.

Unfortunately, absolutely no gameplay footage has been revealed. Instead, we had a simple, very basic technical demonstration with MetaHuman characters. Epic Games’ tool to more easily create realistic characters which will also be used in Death Stranding 2. A video to reveal part of the OD casting which, once again, is very Hollywood. For the moment, three stars have been announced: Sophie Lillis (Sharp Objects, It), Hunter Schafer (Euphoria), Udo Kier (Suspiria, Blade).

A terrifying title with a highly appreciated director

Last surprise, and not the least, Hideo Kojima is working in collaboration with a popular director: Jordan Peele. The director of Get Out, Us and Nope, horror productions who declared that this video game project will be good ” creepy “. According to the developer, other big names are also participating in OD. No name has leaked, but MGS’ dad said he refers to this team as the Avengers.

OD or Overdose will be available exclusively for Xbox Cloud Gaming, and therefore normally compatible with Xbox Series, PC and mobile platforms. Moreover, according to rumors, it would be very oriented towards the smartphone.

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