Komi Can’t Communicate: Season 2 of the comedy anime premieres today on Netflix


“Komi Can’t Communicate” season 2 starts today on streaming provider Netflix. The streamer shows the new episodes just a few weeks after the Japan premiere in the simulcast.

"Komi Can't Communicate" is coming back to Netflix in late April 2022

Komi Can’t Communicate is coming back to Netflix in late April 2022 (Credit: © Tomohito Oda • Shogakukan / Itan Private High School /

  • Today “Komi Can’t Communicate” Season 2 starts on Netflix streaming service.
  • The streamer shows you the new episodes shortly after the start of Japan in the simulcast.
  • Tadano’s search for more eccentric friends for Komi remains fun and chaotic in the new episodes.

away starts today Season 2 ” von Komi Can’t Communicate” on streaming service Netflix. The provider shows you the new episodes of the RomCom anime just a few weeks after the Japanese premiere as a quasi-simulcast. Season 1 only ran on Netflix in October 2021 and had shortly after the season finale also a German dubbing receive.

away April 27, 2022 if you’re watching the first episode of the brand new season, you’re watching further episodes always in a weekly rhythm. In Japan, the anime series started on April 6, 2022. Netflix is ​​showing you season 2 just 3 weeks later.

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That’s what “Komi Can’t Communicate” is about

The classmate of the school beauty with the pronounced communication disorder, Tadano, has promised Komi to look for her 100 friends. The friend search continues in season 2 and the Itan Private School keeps many more weird guys ready for both of them. It remains chaotic and surely Tadano will again be in the sights of some envious people – especially among others a school trip and Valentine’s Day queue!

In addition to “Komi Can’t Communicate”, the streamer also has another exclusive anime as well as film and series highlights ready for you. Many more anime series await you in simulcast at Crunchyroll.

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