Konbini removes from its site the videos of the youtubeur DirtyBiology, accused of rape

Louise Bernard, with Alexis Patri

The online media Konbini has decided to remove from its site the videos made in partnership with Léo Grasset, known on YouTube for his popular science videos made under the pseudonym “DirtyBiology”. The latter is accused of rape by a woman and of “psychological, sexual violence or behavior deemed problematic” by seven others. All testified in a Mediapart investigation.

Konbini intends to show “his support for victims of sexual and gender-based violence”. The online media has decided to remove from its site the videos produced in collaboration with the science popularizer Léo Grasset. Known on YouTube under the pseudonym “DirtyBiology”, the videographer is the subject of a long investigation by Mediapart. In this article, seven women testify to “psychological, sexual violence or behavior deemed problematic” and an eighth testifies to rape.

Several videos still online

The youtubeur, who has nearly a million and a half subscribers on his channel, had participated in several videos for Konbini in recent years. Videos that the information site has therefore decided to “deprogram”. Now not found on the Konbini site, several videos by Léo Grasset are still available on the online media’s Facebook page at the time of writing.

Léo Grasset, for his part, reacted to the investigation of Mediapart. “I totally dispute the accusations relayed against me. I have always been attentive to respecting the consent of all my partners. Although resolutely in favor of the freedom of speech movement, I nevertheless choose to abstain any additional comments at this stage on the advice of my lawyers,” he wrote in a message posted on his Twitter account.

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