Konstantin Wecker: Why was "a blessing" for his time in prison

Konstantin Wecker
Why was "a blessing" for his time in prison

Konstantin Wecker was arrested in 1995 for drug possession.

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Musician Konstantin Wecker looks back on a criminal past. Now he has revealed why his imprisonment was "a blessing" for him.

Konstantin Wecker (73, "Poetry and Resistance") is one of the most important songwriters in Germany. He originally had completely different plans. In an interview with "Zeit Verbrechen" he reveals that he wanted to "fight his life as a hotel thief". Today he describes his imprisonment in the mid-1990s as a "blessing".

Born in Munich, he tells in an interview that he has always had a tendency to break the law and that for him this was "actually only an attempt to live freely". After graduating from high school, he wanted to found "an anarchist system" with a friend on a North Sea island far away from home. His success as a musician in the late seventies and eighties did not keep him out of his criminal streak.

The singer struggled with a cocaine addiction in the 1990s until he was arrested for cocaine possession in 1995. In an interview he says: "In my case, the arrest was my only and last chance to get rid of my addiction. I was so incredibly in a mood that I wanted a heart attack at the time just so that I would be admitted to a clinic. I can't get out of my misery alone. "