Korean ancestor – Hyundai Pony EV Heritage: classics reissued

Who would have guessed in 1974 that the compact Hyundai Pony would one day achieve icon status? This is exactly what the Korean company has shown twice this year: The original pony not only serves as the inspiration for the new, up to 225 kW / 306 hp electric car Ioniq 5, but has now become a Pony Heritage in the new customer center “Hyundai Motorstudio Busan” shown – with fully electric drive.

The Hyundai design department took a two-door from the first series as the basis, completely rebuilt the car and reinterpreted it with an electric drive, electric exterior mirrors, modern LED lights and retro-futuristic instrumentation with Nixie tubes.

The project was created under the direction of interior design director Hak Soo Ha. The original design from 1974 comes from Ital Design / Giugiaro, who incidentally also built a very sporty coupé study at the time. Hyundai is silent about what should happen to the Pony EV. The project may remain a one-off.

Incidentally, the first generation was never offered in Austria, but at that time it was exported to the Benelux countries and later to some southern European countries. The Koreans only came to Austria 25 years ago.

ampnet / Jens Meiners