Kretz family (The Agency): Sellers, buyers, prices… Is everything wrong? Edifying testimonies from behind the scenes of the show

By Hiba Semali | Editor

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“The Agency” is a hit with 11 million viewers on Netflix and 600,000 on TMC. The numbers don’t lie. Or almost, since the Kretz family is accused of heavily embellishing reality, whether it concerns the prices given for houses and apartments but also the sellers and buyers!

Kretz family (The Agency): Sellers, buyers, prices… Is everything wrong? Edifying testimonies from behind the scenes of the show

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The Kretz familymade up of parents Olivier and Sandrine as well as their four boys Martin, Valentin, Louis and Raphaël, has been making viewers dream since 2020. Their daily life as a family real estate agency is followed by the cameras of their own series, The Agency, broadcast on Netflix and TMC. The tribe had the opportunity to support several personalities – like the actor François Berléand or the footballer Alphonse Areola – in the sale or purchase of houses or apartments. On screen, everything seems real. But in reality, it would just be a well-crafted scenario.

At least that’s what our colleagues at the magazine say Here is in their April 19, 2024 issue, after some inconsistencies had already been revealed. As in every reality TV show, certain scenes are acted out. “But there, most situations are written. They are excellent actors, they must have gone to Cours Florent!“, annoys a TV producer. But the deception would not stop there. Still according to information from Here is, the family would not be completely honest in their approach as a real estate agent. Indeed, the Kretzs would appeal to “knowledge to play fake sellers or fake buyers. This is how it has already happened that a supposed client, who would in fact be a wealthy friend, visited her own house, making the broadcaster believe that she wanted to buy it.

Due to The Agencythe Kretzes would have lost mandates

In the world of real estate, thunder is also rumbling: the prices mentioned in The Agency would not be realistic. “In the show, they talk about villas costing 10 or 15 million because it makes you dream, but the reality of the market is far from that.regrets an agent in the field. Once the cameras are turned off, the price is divided by two or three, and often the sale does not even close.“A competitor even loses his temper:”They are sharks, they do not hesitate to break all the rules to succeed.“Moreover, he believes that”their strings have become too big“.”Some wealthy clients end up taking away the mandate they had entrusted to them. Result, their net turnover is 2 million per year, it’s not Peru“, he adds. Statements tinged with jealousy, perhaps? To be continued…

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