Kristen Stewart in Spencer, Tom Hardy in Capone… 5 transformations for biopics on Prime Video

Acclaimed from all sides, Spencer is worn by a stunning Kristen Stewart in Lady Diana. The opportunity to come back to the most convincing transformations of actresses and actors for a role, at the turn of 5 biopics to (re) see on Prime Video.

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Kristen Stewart as Lady Diana, in Spencer

Unveiled at the last Venice Film Festival before delighting Prime Video subscribers thanks to its online publication on January 17, 2021 on the platform, Spencer shines its spotlight on an impressive metamorphosis. On screen, we discover a Kristen Stewart more convincing than ever in the guise of the famous and beloved Lady Diana.

Signed Pablo Larraín, this biopic focuses on three days in the life of the princess of hearts, during the winter of 1991, before the crisis within her couple turns into a huge media storm.

But Kristen Stewart is not the only one to put on the costume of a personality well known to the public. Jack Farthing, Stella Gonet, Richard Sammel, Elizabeth Berrington and Lore Stefanek play Prince Charles, Queen Elizabeth II, Prince Philip, Princess Anne and the Queen Mother respectively.

Rami Malek as Freddie Mercury in Bohemian Rhapsody

Impossible to miss Bohemian Rhapsody when talking about biopics! Having become one of the biggest hits of the year 2018 with more than 850 million dollars in worldwide box office receipts, the feature film looks back on the career of the group Queen, focusing more particularly on its leader, the unbeatable Freddie Mercury.

If Sacha Baron Cohen and Ben Whishaw had been cited, it was ultimately Rami Malek who had the privilege of portraying this music legend. In addition to his long work with coach and choreographer Polly Bennett to perfectly reproduce every physical nuance of Mercury, the actor had to wear dentures in order to resemble him as much as possible.

This remarkable and remarkable performance notably enabled the actor to win around twenty awards, including the Oscar for best actor, the Golden Globe and the BAFTA.

Nicole Kidman as Lucille Ball in Being the Ricardos

Unveiled a few days before Christmas 2021, Being the Ricardos reserved a very nice gift for fans of Nicole Kidman. After transforming herself into a group therapy guru in the Nine Perfect Strangers series, the actress went back in time as Lucille Ball.

Facing Javier Bardem in the role of Desi Arnaz, Kidman sports the red locks of the star of the television series I Love Lucy, one of the most cult of the 1950s. We follow the couple during a week punctuated by crises in the within his marriage and the filming of the sitcom.

I had a few months to study him, especially with all the episodes of his show. Little by little, meticulously, I managed to progress to get under his skin, explains the actress. With Lucille, I immediately understood who she was, she was close to me. But it was his appearance, his voice, his mannerism that challenged me..”

Bradley Cooper as Chris Kyle in American Sniper

Inspired by the life of sniper Chris Kyle and his role in the Iraq War, American Sniper lifts the lid on a hulking Bradley Cooper in front of Clint Eastwood’s camera. To blend into the skin of this revered figure in the US army, the actor had to follow an extreme program for 3 months.

In total, the actor had to eat 6000 calories a day and impose intensive training in order to gain mass, and thus reach the 105 kg of the soldier. “I had to get to a point where I had to feel like him. With my 83 kilos, it would have been a joke. His weight was a part of what he was, says Cooper. Chris was not dry, he was not drawn. It was just a bear.”

And to detail:I trained physically from 6:00 to 8:30. I resumed the sessions from 2 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. The rest of the time I learned my text and I slept. I did this five days a week for three months. It was a highly regulated diet.” A performance that earned him a shower of nominations.

Tom Hardy in Al Capone, in Capone

After the remarkable performances of Jason Robards in The Al Capone Affair and Robert De Niro in The Incorruptibles, it is Tom Hardy’s turn, in 2020, to become Al Capone. In Capone, by Josh Trank (The Fantastic 4), the British actor underlines how much he is a master of transformation.

Already transformed in The Dark Knight Rises, Star Trek: Nemesis, Peaky Blinders or La Taupe, the chameleon offers a new skin under the identity of one of the most famous American gangsters. Intimidating, disturbing, he does not hesitate to give of his person to illustrate the complex personality of the criminal suffering from neurosyphilis.

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