Kristin Davis defends herself against aging haters

Kristin Davis
Actress defends herself against “aging” haters – a classification

Kristin Davis

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Kristin Davis is 56 years old. You shouldn’t look at it. She seems to want to look like the very young “Charlotte York” she played in “Sex and the City” in the sequel. The fact that there are 23 years between the two series and that it is okay that you can see that too, she obviously does not want to admit. Kristin Davis has to put up with “aging” criticism again and again. We classify these once.

Kristin Davis, 56, plays “Charlotte York” in “Sex and the City”. It’s been 23 years since the first episode of the hit series flickered across the screens. Now she slips into her star role again for “And Just Like That …”. Much has changed, especially the appearance of the now 56-year-old actress. And that’s exactly why she had to put up with a lot of criticism. She is now taking a stand on that.

Kristin Davis fights against “aging” criticism

As an actress, unfortunately, you are not judged solely on your talent. The outside plays an equally important role. A decisive one, to be precise. Because it often decides whether you get a role – or not.

But there is a much larger authority that judges prominent people in terms of their appearance: the public. And it is merciless. They had grown old and could be read everywhere. They have not aged gracefully, so the other voices. That is exactly what Kristin Davis is chalking up to. All those who judge her and her colleagues solely for their appearance would do a lot of damage, the actress says in the latest episode of the “Today Show”. “I have to say it still hurts,” said Davis. She has now found a way to deal with it. “Sarah (Jessica Parker, editor’s note) and I have put a media ban on ourselves,” she explains.

The phenomenon of not wanting to age

Whether it is exactly those comments that prompted Kristin Davis to counteract the aging process with beauty interventions? Possible. For several months now, pictures of the American woman have been appearing again and again, showing that she is not averse to Botox and the like. On the contrary.

Kristin Davis in New York in September 2021

Kristin Davis in New York in September 2021

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She doesn’t seem to want to face the natural signs of aging. But how can that be possible when even twenties like the Kardashians, Biebers and Co visit the beauty doc like others go to the hairdresser? When botox and hyaluronic acid are used like shampoo, shower gel and conditioner. When fillers promise not only permanent youth, but possibly also the next (main) role, the next stage engagement, the next model job? When wrinkles, impurities and excess pounds are simply touched up with filters in the fake world of social media? How great does the self-confidence need to be to resist this, to stand by one’s age and the signs that go with it?

Youth madness in Hollywood

The phenomenon of not wanting to age – in the Hollywood dream factory it is more evident than in almost any other industry. No wonder, after all, it is more geared towards looks than any other. Where does the outside decide about a job or no job, not infrequently about being or not being. After all, who doesn’t define themselves at least to a certain extent through their job? In Hollywood very few can say that about themselves …

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