“Krone” asked – delivery times in the Tyrolean trade “a little more relaxed”

A year ago, customers in Tyrol were confronted with long delivery times in several retail sectors. But how does it look now? The “Krone” asked. The result: the situation is slowly easing.

Be it the new couch, the new washing machine or the new car. Just a year ago, Tyroleans had to put up with above-average waiting times for these goods. In the meantime, the situation seems to be easing a bit, as reported by the representatives from the Chamber of Commerce. “I recently visited a few Tyrolean companies and can say that the delivery times for products have improved somewhat,” says Christian Mühlthaler, head of the electrical and furnishing specialist trade. “But there are certainly still problems with the delivery times here and there.” , restricts the official.Tyrolean has been waiting for a new iPhone 13 mini for weeks. A Tyrolean from the Unterland confirms that a lot of patience is sometimes necessary: ​​“I extended my contract with Magenta in mid-August. As a treat, I chose the iPhone 13 at a discounted price,” explains the man. Since then he has been waiting longingly for his smartphone, while money continues to be debited from him every month. He has already been put off three times by e-mail. “It’s particularly annoying because the battery of my old cell phone only lasts a few hours and I’m therefore extremely limited in its use.” . However, Apple has assured us that the affected customers will be supplied as quickly as possible,” emphasizes press spokesman Christian Traunwieser and asks for your understanding. “The problem has now defused somewhat.” and furnishing retailers, “the delivery problem with the furniture has also been defused somewhat. Many furniture retailers buy what they can get and sometimes have their warehouses full”. However, the delivery times are even higher than before the pandemic. “But the peak seems to have been passed,” says Eberharter happily. Nevertheless, he complains about many challenges due to the energy and price crisis. “For some entrepreneurs, it is almost an existential threat.” Because of the energy prices, many dealers would “consider reducing their opening hours”. “slight relaxation in delivery times”. If you want a car with lots of extras, you have to be even more patient. Due to the wave of inflation, however, the chairman has noticed that customers are “reluctant to buy”. All sectors continue to suffer from the uncertain price developments.
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