“Krone” donation campaign – Alois’ (13) childhood was full of pain

The Mühlviertel boy Alois was born with an open back. He is unable to walk and suffers from bladder and bowel paralysis, which requires enormous care. His mom (55) takes care of him around the clock. A special training device could improve the mobility of the 13-year-old, but this is completely unaffordable for the minimum income recipient.

Alois’ life has been characterized by pain since birth. The 13-year-old from the Urfahr-Umgebung district was born with an open back and immediately had to endure a highly complex microsurgical operation. “Alois’ lumbar vertebrae 3 to 5 were closed, his bone marrow was directly under the skin,” recalls mother Gabriele (55). Vertebrae milled openThe infant was in acute danger of death, the vertebral canal was milled out in a procedure lasting several hours, then the open nerves were placed in it . However: Unfortunately, Alois had already suffered damage, and he could no longer feel his legs up the knees of the water. And as a result of the faulty circulation of the cerebral and spinal fluid, Alois also developed a head of water. A shunt (drainage) was implanted into him, which has already had to be replaced eight times. Bladder and bowel paralysis turned out to be the greatest handicap for Alois’ life. “I have to put a catheter in him every three hours to empty his bladder. His intestines are emptied with the help of medication, ”says Gabriele.OP-MarathonFive years ago, Alois’ bladder was enlarged in a nine-hour operation and an exit was placed above his navel. “But he still has nightmares from the many operations,” sighs his mother, who works around the clock for the beloved son. Fortunately, her three other children have grown up. Alois’ lungs also collapsed twice during surgery. “He was in intensive care for two months.” Self-sacrificing careThe myriad of worries also broke up Gabriele’s marriage. She now lives on minimum income, but struggles every day to support her Alois – who is in a wheelchair – as best as possible. Even if the care of the son, who is now 80 kilos, can only be managed with the greatest effort. “Unfortunately I don’t have the money for mobile care.” Her heart’s desire would therefore be a special standing and movement trainer (“Innowalk”) to counter Alois’ obesity and osteopenia (bone loss). “It costs 41,480 euros, of which the ÖGK would take over 1,480 euros. Unfortunately, I don’t know how I can find the rest. ”Nature, animals and musicDespite all adversities, Alois is a happy child. “He’s really fond of nature, knows all the flowers and plants, loves animals and has also been playing the harmonica for three years.” For this Christmas he learned “Silent Night”. His next goal: “Jingle Bells”. Please help too! Dear readers, if you would like to help in this case, please donate to the “Krone” special account at Hypo Oberösterreich using the password “Alois”: IBAN: AT28 5400 0000 0060 0007BIC: OBLAAT2L The donors can optionally also be published by name in our print edition. However, if you want to remain anonymous, we kindly ask you to state this explicitly in the “Purpose” field.
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