“Krone” mega concert – British rockers Muse heated up Wiener Neustadt

With their number one album “Will Of The People”, the British rockers from Muse rocked the Wiener Neustadt stadium during a “Krone” concert on Saturday. As support acts, One Ok Rock and Royal Blood got the fans up to speed.

Muse on a stadium tour in Europe – an experience to behold – not only as a fan! – should not be missed. After all, the band, founded in 1994, is one of the best live rock bands in the world. 29 years old – and full of zest for action After hundreds of concerts, nine albums and numerous hits, the enthusiasm of other musicians may wane a little, the “spirit” no longer comes across as some do band are showing the first signs of wear and tear and are resting on their laurels. But not muse. The three musicians show full commitment on stage, close to the fans, scream their – often quite critical – message outright into the world, inspire with timeless music in major and minor.Duo Royal Blood “warmed up” fans Before that, however, the Japanese rockers One Ok brought them first Rock, then Royal Blood, the fans at “operating temperature”. The Worthing-based British garage and blues-rock duo consists of just two members, bassist/vocalist Mike Kerr and drummer Ben Thatcher. So there is no guitarist – which doesn’t cloud the concert experience, thanks to effect pedals. The band, which was honored at the Brit Awards 2015, will release their new album “Back To The Water Below” in September – the first samples could also be heard in Wiener Neustadt. In Wiener Neustadt, too, they make thousands of fans dance, sing along and shout – umpteen thanks to old and new hits. And the band, spoiled by success, has plenty of that. With nine albums and timeless anthems like “Muscle Museum”, “Bliss”, “Supermassive Black Hole”, “Resistance” or “Euphoria” (the latest single release), the band has long since written itself into the song history books of the world. Setlist um “Will Of The People” songs addedOf course, the British rockers have now peppered their set list with songs from their current successful album “Will Of The People”. Not only did they reach number one in the Austrian album charts for the first time since 2012. The content is about the pandemic, the climate crisis, the Black Lives Matter movement and the storming of the Capitol. As always, frontman and mastermind Matt Bellamy bundled everything that had kept him busy over the last few years. But on Saturday in Wiener Neustadt, according to the motto “Uprising”, one thing above all was celebrated: everyday life was left aside and extensively celebrated. Next stop on the world tour: June 7th, The Hague.
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