“Krone” on patrol – 79 violations discovered during 2G controls in Vienna

Action sharp on Friday in Vienna: In 2G controls in 93 companies, the officers uncovered no fewer than 79 violations.

Together with the police and the officials of the emergency team of the city of Vienna, the “Krone” roamed the city on Friday to check the tightened corona measures. And the forces had their hands full. A total of 93 companies received unexpected visits, and no fewer than 600 people were checked. “Are they completely okay?” “We also think that’s completely okay, it would have to be controlled much more strictly. And the penalties should be even higher, ”said the vaccinated couple Michaela and Fritz from Vienna, who would like to use the weekend for local visits. “Who knows what tightening will come from Monday. We wouldn’t be sitting in the pub with a mask on. ”Of course, on the fringes of the strips, there were also rather less positive voices to be heard:“ All pure political chicane ”; “You just want to make money”; “Dictatorship” – but no vaccine skeptics wanted to come out publicly to the “Krone”. 15-member group expelled from the Heurigen restaurant The officials in a Heuriger in noble Grinzing were amazed: A group of 15 people spent a cozy evening here – all without a valid 2G -Proof. “Guests as well as operators were reported – the group had to leave the restaurant”, says Walter Hillerer, head of the group for immediate measures. In Brigittenau, a woman was “allowed” to leave the shop before the hairdresser could lend a hand. Unvaccinated and no PCR test. On this Friday alone, in the course of the raids in Vienna, a whopping 31 organ fines and a total of 48 reports were imposed. Austria-wide already over 13,000 controls But in the rest of the federal states controls have been busy since Monday: until Saturday, police and health authorities carried out around 13,000 controls in the restaurants and bars at events. Balance: more than 200 reports for violations of the 2-G regulations. The impressive balance shows that we are extensively fulfilling our statutory mandate, ”said Franz Ruf, General Director for Public Safety.
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