“Kryptonite People”: How to Recognize and Let Go of Them

“Kryptonite People”
How you can recognize them and let them go

In the video we tell you how you can recognize “Kryptonite people”.

Maybe we all know it: there is a person who is always on our minds and who we just can’t forget. In the video we tell you how you can break away from her.

The legendary hero Superman seems unshakable. But the fictional mineral kryptonite can harm him, despite his superpowers. Not only he, but also we can have a “vulnerability”, which can be people in our life from whom we simply cannot detach ourselves.

“Kryptonite people”: This is how you can break away from them

A so-called “Kryptonite person” is a person we met and haven’t been able to get out of our minds ever since. We’ll tell you why this is the case and how you can recognize it and get rid of it in the video.

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