Kurds killed in Paris: Ankara summons French ambassador for “anti-Turkey propaganda”

The French ambassador to Turkey was summoned by the Turkish government on Monday December 26, Ankara protesting against what it perceives as a “anti-turkey propagandain France, since the murder of three Kurds in Paris, according to a Turkish diplomatic source.

We expressed our dissatisfaction with the propaganda launched by the circles of the PKK (Workers’ Party of Kurdistan, editor’s note) against our country, the French government and certain politicians being used as instruments of propaganda“, Criticized this source.

Ankara notably criticizes Paris for having let supporters of the PKK demonstrate in the streets of Paris, some of their placards evoking links between Turkey and the French murderer. Repeated accusationsby French government officials and politicians», assures this diplomat, for whom «the French government and some politicians were used as instruments of propaganda“.

A special adviser to Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan on Sunday condemned the violence in Paris after the murder of three Kurds, incriminating the PKK, “the same terrorist organization you support in Syria“. “The same PKK that has killed thousands of Turks, Kurds and security forces over the past 40 years. Now they are burning the streets of Paris. Will you always keep silent?“, he continued.

In the aftermath of the murder of three Kurds on Friday in Paris, demonstrations in tribute to the victims were punctuated with violence. The French retiree claimed to have acted by “pathological hatred” strangers. During the demonstrations, slogans were chanted like “Long live the resistance of the Kurdish people!The PKK is an organization considered terrorist by Ankara and the European Union (EU).

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