Kurds killed in Paris: the Democratic Council calls for a march in tribute to the three victims of the shooting

In a tweet, he denounces “political crimes” which remain “still unpunished”.

The Kurdish Democratic Council in France launched a call for a rally on Monday December 26 in tribute to the three victims of the attack which took place on December 23, in the 10th arrondissement of Paris.

This march, in tribute to the victims, will begin at noon at 16, rue d’Enghien, where the fatal shooting took place. The crowd will then head to 147 rue La Fayette, where three female Kurdish activists were killed in 2013, in a case that has never been solved.

These political and terrorist crimes orchestrated by Turkey come on the eve of the 10th anniversary of the triple assassination of Kurdish activists committed in this same 10th arrondissement of Paris by a Turkish intelligence agent, political crimes which still remain unpunished.“, can we read in the press release of the Kurdish Democratic Council in France.

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Clashes during the last rallies

Anger is still as strong within the Kurdish community in Paris. Clashes had broken out on the sidelines of the last two rallies: Friday, after the bloody shooting, and Saturday, during a demonstration in Place de la République.

This Monday, the main suspect, William M., should also be brought before an investigating judge.

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