Kurt Cobain: You will soon be able to visit your parents’ house

Kurt Cobain
Soon you can visit your parents’ house

Kurt Cobain spent his childhood in this house.

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Kurt Cobain’s childhood home is to become a kind of landmark. The small house is in a medium-sized city in Washington.

It is small, despite the pastel yellow facade, rather inconspicuous, around 140 square meters and stands on a street in Aberdeen, a medium-sized city (around 17,000 inhabitants) in the US state of Washington. Nevertheless, the house should soon become the landmark of the place. The reason: It is the home of the Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain (1967-1994), who died in 1994.

According to “Rolling Stone” the current owners bought the property from the Cobains in 2018 for $ 225,000, the equivalent of around 190,000 euros. Since then, they have regularly invested in renovations so that both the interior and the exterior look like they did in Cobain’s time. “Our goal is to honor Kurt’s earlier life and career with the house in the form of a museum,” he explains to the owner. The project is “90 to 95 percent” complete.

Time travel through Kurt Cobain’s childhood

Turning the house into a full-time museum is not possible due to guidelines and regulations, but the owner plans to offer private tours occasionally. Whoever enters the house is embarking on a kind of journey through time, as the rooms still have furniture from the 1960s and 1970s.

Kurt’s sister Kim Cobain (51) is behind the project: “I am very happy and support that Lee and Dani took over the house three years ago.” According to the report, Kurt Cobain allegedly lived in the house from his birth until 1984.